Publishing to Phone (on SCM)

My club decided to use Sailing Club Manager (SCM) a few years back. Not a decision I think was their wisest moment but I think we can safely say they are absolutley fixated on that staying.

SCM has a results solution which is pants. So we don’t use it.

Last year someone PDFd results (from sailwave), uploaded to a separate site and then linked as a ‘news article’. Rough and ready to say the least.

I’ve been doing our VirtualRacing Results. I’ve tried posting using Blog method, and various tweaks of that which just about work on PC view. I’ve discovered the view on a phone is hideous. SCM likes to shove a photograph in the background and then a white ‘div’ over it with content in it. I don’t think we can control which pages have a background image. The results table stretches too wide and we end up with the table outside the div and over picture and illegible.#

I’m quite html savy, and so can potentially build a white background in and do something with that. But I thought I should check two things:

  1. Anyone using SCM and got a good solution?

  2. Anyone got a good theme that works well on a phone? Ignoring the SCM bit, is there a good theme for phone viewing that might be a starting point?

Hi don’t know much about scm but have seen similar, you could just go simple. As we know most of our series at start of season we just have a page/post for that years results, (links that open in new tab) with blankish results files “no results yet” for each series all uploaded before start of season, I use same set each year its only 1 file copied and renamed and you could store these on the sailwave ftp site, these files just get overwritten when results are published, and page only updated if additional series are required, works ok on phone, see cheers Keith

Hi Keith (small world)

Yes your solution in theory works. But one of their objectives of SCM was to keep everything in one place.

We already have webcam on a seperate site.

We could put results on it.

While I despise SCM it isn’t much different to your average content management system. It will let you paste in html and Sailwave export to blog can do that ok. The simplest solution would be to add style as css to that - but I don’t think we control the style sheet. Also can’t apply any java etc that way

Can paste as iframe, end up with scroll bars… Yuk

Can copy a full page code and take off a couple of headers and on full page it is OK. On phone the page wrap is wrong. Again may be fixable with some extra code.

But it got me thinking what the “right” phone view is. Is it - shrink the view down? Or would it be to wrap the table rows in some way?

  • freeze left and top rows and scroll through results?
  • line break something like:

Rank | Helm | Crew | Sail No | Club
1 (5) 3 2 net 6

Perhaps souped up even more, to have hide and expand buttons to make rows show / hide etc…

Not sure what can be done with JavaScript to do that based on the code… But think it could look better… On a small screen…

Thinking something that might look like this…

I will be interested to see how you get on with a mobile results format, I did take a close look at how the standard results behave on the phone and you’re right the series Table makes a bit of a mess, especially if it’s a wide one! and also makes the Race results very small.
I hadn’t really looked at publish to blog, but I will be using it to embed bits of the results (Top 3) into my race reports, so thanks for that. (I have tended to embed an image but that’s a bit naughty / Lazy as our blind sailors are excluded from that.

This Prompted me to look at my results, and I now publish with resultsv2 is better on phones.

I also noticed that when we get to a lot of races in a series it starts splitting Names and some code results to 2 lines.

Just incase anyone else is seeing the same thing.

I created a new style (in my case blueblocks) and just added white-space:nowrap; to the td th style.

I know next to nothing about HTML/CSS but it works for me.

Cheers Keith

My quick fix for now has applied some CSS to all of SCM but more work for another day.

Have taken the view that codes don’t need scores (can be switched off in sailwave, oddly not a publishing be choice but in the main program

I’m waiting to get a ‘mega’ series to play with to make the width make sense to test on…

The following was posted as a DM on the Sailwave Facebook page. Any Sailwave users come up with anything better since the last post on this thread.

As results co-ordinator for Lee on the Solent Sailing Club, this year the club has decided to move to Sailing Club Manager to utilise it’s many attributes. Unfortunately using Sailwave to record results is not supported. Does anyone on here use both Sailing Club Manager and Sailwave in order to record results? Thanks in advance. Brian.

What I’d really like is a “fancy” CSS that might best results etc. But…

I have managed to get some success in a more “normal” Sailwave way…

This is using a common stylesheet across all of Sailwave results (no ‘race officer prefers black and green’) and applying the highlight wins.

If that’s what you want:

  1. Use the “upload results to blog” method of publication and paste into a new content page on SCM

  2. Set that not to have the RHS menu enabled

  3. Don’t have a background image on SCM (pointless as the text is over it normally and so can’t see it, but Sailwave tables are not filled

  4. Copy the style info into customCss in Sailwave

  5. Copy the script into the customerHeaders.

The only bit your users need to do is paste in the results to the article. (We have instructions on our site for that: )

SCM as a CMS is an abomination! It is exceptionally good at understanding client relationships. It has its own ability to understand results to clients etc. I think that works for yachties. For club dinghy sailing - relationships are more fluid…

Even the ability to restrict who can upload to results but not the rest of the site would be nice.

Huw I’m not on the fbook group. Would you mind linking to this?

Facebook link done.

Kind regards,

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