1.43beta6 uploaded to web site. See below for details. I'm away most of
next week. Propose to turn beta6 into 1.44 if all is OK. CJ.


Add option to SailNo tool so that the numbers you type can be matched
against the last N characters of competitor sail numbers. N can be defined.
Useful for fleets where the prefix of most sail numbers is the same.
Fix SailNo tool problem whereby positions were not being added correctly.
Tweak the Volvo prize template to show the new web site address.
Finish Volvo prize plug-in by adding the tie break code.
BETA5 below here
Change the Volvo prize plug-in to work from points, not final positions.
Show fleet start times in fleet headers when publishing races.
Always enable the publish to Word/Excel options; they seem to disable
inappropriately on some machines.
Allow races that have been recorded as elapsed times or finish times to be
scored when the rating system is None - the times are ranked and used as
positions. This is very useful in multiple-fleet events where some fleets
are one-design racing and some are handicap racing, but all the finishes are
recorded by the race officers as elapsed times or finish times.
Add option to not publish average speed column when publishing races for
which a race distance and elapsed time is available.
Add vertical scroll bar to code list in SailNo tool.
BETA4 below here
Extend race/fleet annotations when publishing.
Show licence agreement when starting Sailwave; it's getting ignored on the
Add new style - sailwave default transparent - use this if you want your
background to 'show through' the results.
BETA3 below here
Add mass position changing tool, available via Edit+positions.
BETA2 below here
Facilitate race distances and average lap contexts by assuming the race
distance is actually a lap distance.
Replace statistics columns (E% and C%) with -Ewin and Rwin. -Ewin = change
in elapsed time you needed to win. Rwin = rating you needed to win.
BETA1 below here
Stop Sailwave auto-hiding the rating column.
Fix double clicking on ScoringSystem on the property bar.
Fix sail number wizard when fleet has rating but default is None.
Fix the fixed pealty point code method.
Stop Sailwave unilaterally selecting an inappropriate class when a fleet is
selected in Edit+Competitor.
Change CHS to TCF everywhere, handle legacy conditions and update rating
system edit window appropriately.
Fix reports getting truncated using the Y&Y wizard.
Fix problem with bonus point when scoring a position with a lurking penalty
code in the result.
Fix venue hyperlink when publishing in all templates.

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