Access Denied when trying to open a document

I have 2 sailwave files on my desktop but when I open either of them it reads access denied… I have sent the files to 2 of my friends and they open them no problem…Help!!

Hi Pete,
Welcome to the Sailwave User Group.

This a Windows access permissions problem by the sound of it to me.

Something to try; email the files to yourself and then save them to your documents folder. Once there try opening them.

Sorry I cannot be more helpful.
Kind regards,

Hi Pete - Huw is correct it does appear to be a Windows permissions issue.
You could try moving it to the Sailwave results folder.
On the Desktop there will be a Short-cut named Sailwave Data. Double click this and then open the results folder you can then drag and drop the file into this folder - once it is there double click the file and it should open see the attached video

Let us know how you get on