AddC & Medal Races


I am writing help notes to cover the above scoring systems.

When I thought that I had everything covered, I have just discovered a variation on scoring a Medal
Race :frowning:
This demonstrates that there is still no standard system & it may be a couple of years before
everything settles down.

If anyone sees Sailing Instructions for a regatta which uses:
- Qualification & Finals (with flight reassignments), or
- Medals Race for the top ten on the last day, or
- Round Robin 'flights' (flights stay the same but race against other flights) or
- A combination of any of the above

I would be grateful for a copy of the SIs (in English please) to see if SW can cope.
I suspect that events using the above are more likely to be International regattas,
but some classes may use these formats for National Championships

I presume that you will have an interest in this re Optimists.
To save me work, I suggest that you add notes to my document when I send it round for comment

I also keep scanning the ISAF web site for any changes to AddC (in Appendix LE) or extra words re
scoring AddQ.
If anyone spots a change, again, would appreciate an email

Thanks in anticipation