Addendum C et al


There have been a number of emails regarding various documents relating to Qualification/Flights series, the Medal race for the top ten boats & ‘Q’ documents.

Now that Colin has introduced all the various elements into the latest release of SW, I felt it important (for me) to get my head round all these papers.

For those interested/involved in this subject, below is my (personal) attempt to clarify what the various documents are
APPENDIX LE - Addendum CA guide on how to write Sailing Instructions for running a Qualifying series and a Finals series by splitting the competitors into ‘flights’

This sailing instructions guide “provides for dividing a large fleet into smaller fleets for a series of qualifying races, the results of which determine each boat’s assignment to two or more fleets for the final series.”

AddC has generally been used to reduce start line lengths when there are large fleets or for certain classes who prefer small fleet racing eg 49er

It identifies how to re-assign boats to flights each day but does not cover ‘Round Robin’ where boats stay in the same flight/fleet for the whole, single series
AddC identifies the scoring systems to be applied & has significant implications for SW & other scoring systems


This was a submission to the ISAF Conference in 2005 to consider the format for 2008 Olympic Games. covers a report on the meeting but as yet there is no other official document (??)

The format establishes a ‘Medal’ race at the end of a series for the top ten boats.

In the Olympic Games, this will be at the end of a normal fleet racing series but at large International Olympic Classes regattas, the format is being used at the end of normal fleet racing series’ AND Qualifying & Finals (AddC) series.

Sub 025 establishes double points score for the non-discardable Medal race and tie break rules

At a recent IRO conference, it was clarified that the letter score values for the medal race are double AND based upon the original fleet size!!!

This obviously has significant implications on SW especially especially as there is not an ‘official’ ISAF document on the format & how it impacts on AddC racing formats.


One of the main reasons for introducing Sub 025 was for the viewing public to be able to know who the medal winners are as they cross the finish line.

AddQ was therefore released to cover umpiring, protesting & penalty rules during the MEDAL RACE ONLY

There does not appear to be any impact on SW

APPENDIX Q (Experimental)

This was approved at the ISAF Conference in 2004 to cover umpiring, protesting & penalty rules during A COMPLETE FLEET RACING SERIES.

This Appendix is only recommended for small or moderate size fleets.

There does not appear to be any impact on SW

So in Sailwave, I believe that we can ignore the ‘Q’ documents & concentrate on AddC & Sub 025, plus all the little variations which everyone wants ;-(

Please feel free to comment if you feel that I have got something wrong.