Addendum C - Redress

Hi Colin

When redress is awarded, a common option is to give average points over all races sailed (before &
after the race in question)
This is fine in normal fleet racing but is it correct that when the redress was given in the
Qualifying series, races in the Finals should still be changing the value of RDGa??

My own thoughts are that if I am writing SIs for AddC regattas, I would like to insert an option for
RDG so that its average is only based upon the Qualifying or Finals - not both.

If this is applied to SW, presumably, I would need to
- allocate a scoring code of RDGa
- let SW calculate the points up to the end of Qual
- set a new scoring code of RDG(Q?) with fixed points equal to the ave.

If this happened the other way round (RDG in a Finals race) not sure what to do

This is not a major issue at the moment & probably because scoring systems cannot deal with it, it
will remain as being average over all races.

When you have nothing to do :wink: you may wish to give this some thought in case it becomes an issue