Anyone using git to sync .blw files?

I know there are a few folks who use Dropbox to allow multiple scores. Wondering if anyone is using git? I know its probably considered evil by the average user. I like its much more transparent audit trail on changes…

I have thought about using Git or other source code control system in the past. I agree you can have a more detailed/transparent audit trail of changes but you need to understand what is required to do that and have the discipline to use Git in that way. But willing to be educated if my understanding is wrong.

For me just being able to hit the save button in Sailwave during the hectic time of scoring and Dropbox keeps a past copy (well up to 30 in the free version) is simple. I have had to revert to previous versions on a couple of occasions. I also use pCloud since Dropbox brought in the limit on the number of devices that can connect to an account; it used to be unlimited but it is now a maximum of 3 devices for new accounts.

Look forward to hearing from any users of Sailwave who are using Git and the process they use.
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Hi Huw

So you are right Dropbox will sync full automatically.

Git would do two things differently in my mind - locally store a versioned copy. Doing it “properly” you’d comment each commit to know the change. But you could then have a remote copy (github etc) which another player could sync with and edit and sync back. Yes Dropbox can do that, but like you say, increasingly more of these cloud solutions limit connections.

Can make that “1 click” -

I would probably tweak that slightly and set up a CronJob