App LE Add C [STEP 1 - SETUP]

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- App LE Add C [STEP 1 - SETUP] - setup the series up to but not including
assigning flights for the first races.


- None.


You can create a new series of 20 competitors and 12 races and perform this
procedure yorself or use this Sailwave file:-

- Rename the Club field to "Seed". You will always have to enter seeding
infomation (if needed) by hand unless I add an import mechanism. In this
simple example we're going to use a numeric seeding (perhaps in the real
world an ISAF World Ranking) from 1 to 20 such that the seeding number is
the same as the sail number.

- Set event/venue in Setup+Series.

- Change race names to reflect quals and finals (Q1-8,F1-4).

- Set race date's to "Day 1" to "Day 6". (Two races a a day.)

- Setup scoring system defaults: Allow multiple 1sts etc (race scoring tab).
Scoring codes - use the button to set flight defaults - all this means is
that DNF etc are based on start sizes. 8.2 tie breaks - tick boats must be
in same start (series scoring tab). Set discard profile of

- Create Yellow,Blue,Red,Green starts for races 1-8 (quals).

- Create Emerald,Bronze,Silver,Gold starts for races 8-12 (finals).

- Hide unused columns.

When you publish the results at this point the series will look like this:-


- Look at the property bar to the left of the main table. The scoring
system defaults are shown and then under "score everybody as one group" only
the grouping is shown because everything is inherited from the defaults. In
the property bat only items in a scoring system that are not inherited are
shown within a scoring system.


The next step will be to assign flights for races 1 and 2 (day 1). We will
not proceed to the next step until all quesries about this step have been


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