Appendix A Scoring Abbreviations

I there any chance of updating the Appendix A Scoring Abbreviations in the Sailwave programme?
Many of the ones in the programme are not in the rules and NSC has been added in the 2021-2024 Rules of racing.

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Which version of Sailwave are you using? The latest version of Sailwave version 2-28-11 has the code NSC. As far as I am aware all the codes used normally by race teams are in Sailwave including all Appendix A codes. There maybe additional codes for other appendices like App B Board sailing which make changes and Appendix F for Kite Boarding. However, the code “DCT Disqualified after causing a tangle in an incident” is not currently included.

Which codes do you think should not be in the list?

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Hi Huw
I am using 2-28-11 NSC is not included.
There are a few not included in the Appendix A Abbreviations in the programme but as they are not alphabetical in the Rules it’s difficult to go through them.


Hi Huw

You are correct. `I have been using and changing the races from last year but if I start from scratch with a new series the abbreviations are correct.


Hi Charlie

The NSC code is available in 2.28.11

And the codes are displayed in Alphabetical order.
They will only in the codes for the series if you start a new series with 2.28.11 you wouldn’t want Sailwave to change the codes and effects of an event that took place under different rules so the codes only change if you edit them once you have created a series.
One large advantage of Sailwave is that it allows you to Create Edit and Delete codes to suit the event if there are any modifications done by the Sailing instructions. There are a few extra codes such as OOD for Officer Of the Day which are not in the RRS but are commonly requested. There is no harm in having extra codes if you don’t use them.
You can create your own codes as necessary so if you have an older Sailwave file that you have copied from a previous event you can easily at the NSC code yourself.

The release notes for 2.28.11 on the download page do say that NSC is added

Hope that helps

Yes, sorted thanks.