Appendix KE Addendum C

Hi Martin,

This looks good. You're saying that you will allow more than 1 "starts"

per race. That is like in RaceSail, you can have a look there... <
Essentially, yes, but not creating formal 'starts'; there is no need(?).

Fleet assignment is NOT only a publishing issu. It is very important in

these racing structure. In addendum C it is described how too do group
assignments. <
When I say a publishing issue, I mean its important that the software
reports who shall be in each fleet on a per race basis using the
(generalised) guidelines as per Appendix KE Addendum C but the scoring
algorithm need not heed it because all you enter are the results for each
boat allowing multiple 1sts, 2nds etc and then score allowing multiple 1sts,
2nds etc. Huw/Ralph/Jerome - any comments on this - was this the

It is also said that the finishing position in qualifying series shall be

carried on to the final series as non discardable points.... This may be
altered, I think. Perhaps you should bring your POINTS from qualifying
series to the finals..... <
Yes, that's no problem. I also noticed a few places where Addendum C said
"score" and it looked like they meant "place", or visa versa; I forget...

Well, the nondiscardable gave me a headace during the 49er EC.... <

This is something Sailwave can already do; a race can be marked a


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