Appendix LE Add C version 1.95b6 TIE BREAK PROBLEM

Hi Colin

I’m afraid that we have problems with the Add C options

I have been testing 1.95b6 to see how SW copes with AddC & limiting discards in the finals

My help file which shows the processes I followed throughout is attached, along with Day 3 (races F1, F2 & F3) & Day 4 (races F4, F5 & F6)

There appears to be a problem when Finals results are entered with the wrong tiebreak

See Gold results for 5th & 6th

Having spent all today working on this, my brain has finally given up so if anyone has nothing to do :wink: any comment on my files will be appreciated

the tiebreak problem may exist in earlier races but I have had enough for today!!

I have also come across the same problems as John Bullot with discards not being calculated correctly or only 1 discard when two should be given

I suspect that as the Laser requirements are not standard ISAF Appendix LE, John will probably have to revert to other software until Laser change to the latest App LE

A full set of .blw files for each stage of testing and .csv files used to import competitors & race results are available

When the tie break problem has been resolved, I will upload all the files for use by SUG members