Assign Personal Handicap by Start Issue

I am using the latest Sailwave 2.25.11. The attached .blw has 2 fleets that are aliased to the Overall Fleet. I am trying to assign Personal Handicaps (10% increase) for the Overall Fleet and Start = Non-Spinnaker. I am not able to select
Start in the Select Competitors in this version but was able to select Start = Non-Spinnaker in earlier versions. Also, when using the Columns menu, Start is not a selectable column. Is there a problem with this version of Sailwave or has the .blw somehow
become corrupted?


Tom Owen

Dahlgren Yacht Club

Hi Tom,

I assume you are talking about the Create new Aliases

There never has been a select by start in any version.

If in your case you select all then you can see them all and simply click the ones you don’t want


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