auto rating system

� Both USSA and RYA are always asking for returns... The USSA system is
much simpler in that you just send in elapsed times and class (I wish the
RYA would work like this).

This may sound a bit OTT but it wouldn't take much to setup an easy to use
auto rating system like this:-

� Centralised database of unique class names - needed because of differenced
between US/UK version of boats etc etc. Folk would 'apply' for new class

� Another column in Sailwave for this new class.

� A button that you press when on-line to send the handicap results to a web
ditty that grabs the data and updates the rating database (for each of these

� Effortless, internationally scoped rating system - other software could
use the web interface, so you're not tied to Sailwave...

And it's not even Friday :slight_smile:



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