Automatic PDF Conversion [1 Attachment]

I’m currently exploring use of WKHTMLTOPDF on a couple of different tracks, one using a script that detects changes in a folder and runs the conversion upon detection, the other using a php wrapper on WKHTMLTOPDF. Using the wrapper should allow me to modify the header and trailer templates in Sailwave so the program generates a php script on the fly. Using OOP in php is a bit of a learning curve for me, however.

One thing I have discovered - the shared hosting service I’m going to be using does not have WKHTMLTOPDF and I can’t install it, so whatever I do will have to be on my local machine, or perhaps a little RPI web server.

On thing that windows users might try: use the publishing option for delivering the published output to an application. Then deliver the published output to the windows version of WKHTMLTOPDF.

My Plan C has always been to use Chrome to save the output to PDF, but what fun would that be?