Average lap times

Re my previous e-mail:

  • We have the luxury of a committee boat with a cuddy, never the less we cannot persuade our timekeeper to venture out in the colder seasons and I have found it almost impossible for the average Race Officer to accurately record finish times.
  • The correspondence has made me work out a method of calculating part lap course corrected times which basically is to time the part lap divide by the PN add to this the corrected time for the remaining laps(all in seconds). I will try this for our Winter series using a calculator as I am not able to write spread sheets. Could Sailwave be configured to do this?
  • Changing the subject; can Sail Wave or any other programme work out ALRs as in RYA YR2/2001? I did it once and it makes a big difference in a dying or increasing wind.
  • I seem to remember that Bough Beech SC had/have a programme connected to a timer whereby they just enter the boat number and press a button when it finishes, the corrected time then pops up. They would sell the programme but the timer etc was uneconomic to re-produce for sale.