Average points affecting other boats scores

We arr trying to award a boat redress for being unable to race due to then driving the rescue boat.
When we enter the code RDGa it calculates their points correctly as 2.3. However when we score the series the winner is bein given 1.5 points and the person in second is given 2.5. all the others move down a place.
What have we done wrong?

Hi Paul,

If you can share your file I will have a look at it for you.

Also, can you identify the boat/person/sail number who has been awarded RDGa, please.

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Thanks for your help.

The problem is with race 4 of the series.

The crew from boat GBR747 were awarded average points for the race for doing a rescue boat duty. We used finish code RDGa and it correctly calculated their points as 2.3.

However when you scofre the series it awards 1.5 to the boat that did win the race and moves all the other boats down a place. We need it to leave all the points for the racers who sailed unchanged.

Places for the race were

1st GBR 689

2nd GBR 823

3rd GBR 675

4th GBR 560

5th GBR 726

6th GBR 588

Thanks again

Paul Smith

Medway Yacht Club

Proton Cup 2022.blw (23.6 KB)

Hi Paul,

Thank you for all the information and the Sailwave file.
Here is my revised file for you.
Proton Cup 2022-Huw.blw (23.5 KB)

What did I do?
I cleared the result for GBR-747
added scoring code RDGa to GBR-747
Scored series.
Then everything appears correct to me.

What was happening?
For some reason GBR-747 and GBR-689 both have been recorded with finish place #1, so Sailwave is correctly calculating the scored points of 1.5 for both of them. But then GBR-747 has a scoring code which overrides the scored points with an average of all races except the one in question.

Things would have worked out correctly if GBR-747 had been given a recorded finishing position greater than the last actual boat to finish. It is a quirk of Sailwave. Sorry.

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With your problem resolved, for info:

The scoring code OOD ( Race officer duty points scored as RDGa) is normally used in this application - does the same as RDGa, just provides insight as to the reason.

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Thanks very much for all your help.