Average Speeds in results

Dear Gurus,
I notice that you can publish average speeds in Sailwave results, see below

My question is though, where do you enter the race length to get the average?

Hi Pat,

You enter the race distance by editing the race start information. Right-click the race column header (circled in image below) and select ‘Edit race’.

Select the race start you want to enter a distance for and enter in the distance box (boxed in image below). Note Sailwave assumes nautical miles if no units are entered. Hover cursor over the empty box for more information.

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Thanks so much Huw for getting back to me yet again to help me with this software.

So all was going well until I tried to score the Race, then I got the following message. This competitor did not race

I can’t seem to work around this message, and I presume I will get the same message with the next yacht that did not compete

What am I doing wrong here please

Pat Butler

Hi Pat,
Sorry to hear that you have a problem.

The message means that for some reason ‘L02 Mark Davis’ is not considered/selected as a competitor for R1. Without seeing the Sailwave file I cannot determine the exact reason why this is so.

If you send me the Sailwave file or attach as a reply to this message, I will take a look.
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Hi Pat,
I’m sure Huw will sort you out but just for everyone following in the Thread this is a common message that users get when they start using some of the more advanced features of Sailwave
xxx is not in the start for race y

The message occurs because Sailwave needs to know which boats are starting together and also the time of the start if you are scoring handicap racing with start and finish time.
In simpler situations, users don’t need to bother with starts because Sailwave automatically creates a start for each race which is “All competitors”. This works fine for one design fleets and even handicap fleets where you record elapsed time.

But once you start modifying the starts you have to make sure that there is a start for every competitor and that includes Aliased competitors.
In this case. If you look at the starts for Race 1 - You will find that Mark Davies is not in any of the starts you have defined

Hope that helps


That’s really helpful. Thanks Jon. Is there a “Did not start” box I can tick for those boats listed that did not race

Hi Pat,
That would not help - Sailwave needs to know which start a boat is in if it is in the series and is in a race that has taken place

If you have not used Starts before then the best thing is to have a look at the Sailwave User Guide User Guide & Reference Manual v15 (sailwave.com)
Have a look around page 91 or search the file for “Starts”
If there is anything you don’t understand or need help with just let us know.



See Jon’s reply, but just for correctness - DNS implies that, in terms of the RRS, a boat came to the Starting Area, but did not race (e.g. had equipment failure). The correct term for a boat in the series and staying on shore (or moorings) is Did Not Compete (DNC). The points are the same (normally), just implies different things.