Beginner to Sailwave

Hi Mike,

Apologies for delay.

Q1. - I am now working on getting results out. We only have a dial up
connection at the club, so I want to save and review the results
on the club
computer, print them out, then later post them to our club website.
I am unsure how to set it up. So far I have selected
PUBLISH/RESULTS/destination:a web page on your computer
I have tried using browse to get destination, but couldn't get it to work.
Also tried putting destination into box, but couldn't get that to work
everytime. Sometimes I get a message ACCESS DENIED and sometimes it just
isn't at the destination.

I can't replicate this do it's going to be tricky to sort out. Can you make
sure that you do have access to the folder that you're writing to; for
example by dragging a file into it. The entry field should be a full
absolute path name; for example "c:\xxx\yyy\zzz.htm" (without the quotes).
What version of windows are you using and what user rights do you have when
you log into windows?

Q2. - Also I want to set this up as a permanent feature not have
to redo it
for each series.

When successful the file saved is remembered; the option and the filename.
It sounds like you don't have write access to the ini files: can you try
editing c:\windows\sailwave.ini using notepad and see if you can save a
blank line added to the front. Again it sounds like a user privilege

Q3. - I have also tried to follow FAQ advice for putting club
burgee on, but
can't get that to work.

You can set up the files for burgess in Edit+Properties. The easiest way to
get it to work is to put the burgess in the same folder as the sailwave file
and simply put the buirgee filename in the appropriate field without the
absolute bit; e.g. just "myburgeee.jpg", then put the burgeees in the folder
on the website that the published HTML files are going to site and it should
all work.

Q4 - Is there a way to delete all competitors in 1 hit.

Not in the version you are using but I have improved this and other similar
faciltiies to give much greater flexibililty including deleting all

Colin J


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