Boat PYs after a batch import of competitors

Hi All

For some reason our club computer is not completing PY details for each boat after an import of competitors.

The PY csv file is stored in the right place.

The machine is still on Windows 7.

Anybody able to help?



Hi Peter - Welcome to the user group.
First the easy bit. Windows 7 makes no difference, Sailwave will work well on XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10 and can also be run (with the aid of some other utilities) on Linux and Apple Macs.

You can import PYs from the csv file but what I think you are wanting to do (Please tell me if otherwise) is set the ratings of competitors to those in the current rating file.

To do this from the top ribbon click the “Scoring system” button and select the “Rating system” tab, then click the box shown in the image below

Now score the series and all the ratings will be updated from the ratings file.
I recommend that you now go back and untick this box for normal use but it does depend upon what you want to achieve.

That hopefully has done what you want. A bit of background to help users understand.
When you create a new user in the User interface and select a class if it is the first boat in that class for this series it will set the rating to that in the rating file if one exists. You can change the rating if you wish, to that which your club uses if it is different. Any subsequent boats entered for that same class will use the (modified) rating for the boat you created earlier.
When importing from CSV you can specify a rating and in recent versions of Sailwave you can specify the rating while importing results from a csv for individual races even.

The tick box in the image above causes all the ratings to be updated to those in the ratings file when you score a series. So you wouldn’t want this always on if you are re-scoring a series from last year when the ratings were different.
Hope that helps and let us know how you get on.

Thank you for the fast and super clear response.

I will make a trip to the club and give it a go.

Much appreciated,