Bug in Final series discard profile

In helping to score the Topper Worlds last week we ran into a bug with the “Final Series” discard profile.

It appears that the discard applied is based on the number of final races in sailwave, regardless of whether they have been sailed or not.

This would have been ok except that the gold and silver fleet ended up sailing different numbers of races and needed a different number of discards in the final series after the last race.

As a work around we ended up scoring by fleet (split by flight) and applied a different discard profile to each fleet with just one entry which was the correct “max discard from final series” which we modified as necessary based on the number of races sailed.

Colin is there any chance of a fix for this before the topper nationals next week, or should we carry on with the workaround.

There were a couple of other issues that came up but i’ll send a seperate email about them.