BUG?: Scoring System name on published results

I set a custom High Point scoring system, including editing the name field, but on the published results it still says “Appendix A”. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi Ksail,

I have just done a test by changing the default name from ‘Appendix A’ to ‘High Points using CHIPS’ and the when I publish my new text appeared. So not sure what is happening with your file.

If you like to send me a copy I will take a look.

Kind regards,

2021 HC Overall Series.blw (75.1 KB)
Here it is!

Hi Ksail,
Thank you for the Sailwave file which I have looked at.

You have found an inconsistency in Sailwave in my opinion.I will speak to Jon.

If you remove the two scoring overrides from the Fleets tab in scoring system, which are not needed because you have not specified any changes/overrides for either A or B fleets from the default scoring system. If you do this then High points will appear and not Appendix A when you publish your results.

Kind regards,

Understood. Thanks for looking into it. Kett

Hi. I haven’t had time to look at it fully. But the Sailwave file contains 3 scoring systems. So I presume at some time the multiple scoring systems have been enabled although it no longer is. I would like to know the history of the file as this is what is causing the issue. Normally if you change the name of the scoring system this will work perfectly.
If I get time I will look in more detail. But I can say it is to do with creating and deleting multiple scoring systems


Sorry, I honestly don’t remember the path I took with this file. I played around a bit before I settled on the custom high point scoring formula. I don’t recall editing the fleet scoring overrides that Huw noted, but I suppose it’s possible. I also don’t recall why I would have turned on (and off) multiple scoring systems, but again, it’s possible.

I do recall that once I set up the custom high point formula, the scoring system name still read “Appendix A” on the Edit Scoring System window. It wasn’t until later that I manually changed it and discovered the new name did not publish correctly.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.