Build in FTP possibly?

Just finished a small monthly one-design regatta. Sailwave performed perfectly, as usual. We’re trying hard to keep the notice board electronic and to have no actual paper anywhere around the club. Quite a change from the old days where the board had tonnes of notices and results and miscellaneous boats-for-sale postings.

This all works because of SWs excellent ability to FTP results straight to the web site. We usually do this from the signal boat on the water, so results are up before the competitors make it to shore.

Lately we’re bumping into a need to post several other documents. Committee boat docking times, mark positions, etc. Of course we have a separate FTP routine available, (we use WinSCP) and it’s fine, but it requires login and selection of the destination on the server, which can get muddled up in the hands of someone not completely used to such things.

And we also have Sailwave, with the FTP login built in, and the destination set.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if Sailwave could give us a little file dialogue where we could send files up to the server from inside the application? Quick and easy. Already everything we need in place. Could be a great help in cutting down paper at regattas and being responsible stewards of our resources.

I appreciate this is not directly on topic, as far as results go, but I don’t want to tackle one of the big regatta management systems over this. We like to run our own web site and we like using Sailwave for results. Nice and simple. Just a little add on.

Thanks for considering!


Hi John,

I have sent you an email reply but for others who might have a similar need there are a couple of options that could be considered now:

  1. You could create your own versions of the “Notice or note paper” publishing template for each use case and use them for publishing want you need to. If you do create custom templates they should be placed in the Templates directory/folder under the Sailwave Data location, because they will get deleted if placed in the templates folder under the Sailwave directory/folder when a full install of Sailwave is done. This solution would require changing file name when publishing to FTP server, so prone to error in remembering to get correct file name because easy to forget and therefore over write an existing file.

  2. Create batch file that prompts for the file to be uploaded and in the batch file are stored the FTP/SFTP login credentials and/or file destination(s).

I look forward hearing from other SUG members.

Kind regards,