Burgee's Won't Display on Sailwave or my club website

I am brand new with what appears to be an old problem, burgee’s won’t print. I’ve read the various posts and have tried every suggestion to no avail. My hunch is the answer is right in front of me but my eyesight is weak or maybe my brain is weak. In any event I can’t get them to show on the race results. I am using Windows. Here is what I have tried.

  1. I have the burgee as a Jpeg and has a gif file and have tried both directing to them on my home PC.
  2. I went to the club website and copied the link to the burgee from there and tried that.
  3. It works great when I publish to my home PC but the second it hits the Sailwave Results site it doesn’t work.
  4. It doesn’t work when I upload to the club website either.
    I’m looking for a solution. If anyone has an idea I’m interested. Keep in mind my computer literacy is questionable at best. Thanks so much for any advice that comes my way.

Hi Robert,

Guessing you are from Sandpoint as there is a recently uploaded file with a broken burgee.
You need to point to an image that is available to the internet not one on you local PC
So just set the Burgee to the one on your website https://www.sailsandpoint.org/wp-content/themes/ssp/library/images/ssp_logo.png

Should then be fine.



Thank you. I had actually tried that but had evidentially used a bad link. Thanks again