Can't publish series summary table

I’ve used Sailwave for years and never had an issue publishing results. I can do individual race tables but can’t do the summary of all races. Can anyone help?

If you would like to share your file (*.blw) and details of why you can’t publish the series table
Presume you have these ticked/set


Its not showing my subgroups so thats whats limiting the publishing. Maybe my custom fields disabled something?

Hi Jesger11,
Please can you explain what you mean by subgroups and what you are trying to achieve?

Also if as Jon suggested you shared your Sailwave file we might be able to help.

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Hi Huw,
I have no idea what I did but when you go to publish results they you can pick to ‘Include there scored groups’ nothing is on there and then when I populate its blank. I did something very simple along the way when i was messing with settings that botched it for me.
Thanks for taking a look. Attached

2022 BBF BAY CHAMPS GOOD.blw (102 KB)

Hi Jess,
Take a look at this link and let me know if it is something like what you are hoping for - Sailwave results for BBF Bay Championships at Balboa Bay Fleets 2022

I have also attached the my version of the Sailwave file. I changed the column name of Fleet back to Class to aid my understanding and than scored the series using option one with the tick alongside the words “Sort results by field after scoring” removed. I think this was the thing that was causing nothing to be published.

2022 BBF BAY CHAMPS GOOD-Huw.blw (102.1 KB)

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Many Thanks Huw. Yes this is the ticket. Silly mistake on my part but I learned from it.
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