Can't read email attachments

New user here (again), I am having trouble emailing results. I have created a test regatta series which I have saved on my laptop as a Sailwave file. I can open that file and “publish” it so that the blue box results appear on my screen. I can then save the blue box file as an html file in my Windows documents folder. I can also print it to .pdf and save it. If I then close out sailwave and go to my documents folder, I can open both the html version file (in Microsoft Edge) and the .pdf version file (also in Edge). I can also attach those files to an email and email them to myself. However, I can’t open either of the attachments from my email server. The html and .pdf files show as attachments but when I click on them a message pops up saying “Unable to open file xxxxx”. This happens for both the html and the .pdf versions even when I use the same laptop I created and emailed them from. What am I doing wrong? Using Windows 10 on a new HP laptop. Thanks

Me again. Just tried emailing them again only this time I used the email server on my laptop rather than the “share” option in Sailwave and this time it seemed to work for both the html and the .pdf versions. I guess I just need to remember to first open my email server and attach the files, rather than opening the files first and then sharing them by email?

Hi - Glad you got it working