Changing Crews

As our summer series runs over the course of summer it is often not possible
to have the same crew sign up with the same helm for each event. We also
find that some of the more advanced crews and instructors should not be
discouraged from taking new crews with them to introduce them to sailing.

We therefore have a need to allow crews to change. All our boats are one
design therefore we score the results based on the helm as boats regularly
change also.

As we would like to publish crew names for different races I think it would
be useful if there was a field in the "Edit result" box for say "Alternate
crew" and this would override the crew specified in the "Edit competitor"
field for that event only.

The only way we can currently find to do this is to enter all crew names
that sailed with a helm in the crew field but this starts looking rather

Any better suggestions would be very helpful