Character set problem of GB2312

A lot of simplified chinese characters can’t be shown on pubilsh page,because of GB2312. Could the GB2312 set be changed to UTF-8 set in the software?

Hi David,

Strange you should ask - several weeks ago at the end of April I produced a new version of Sailwave 2.29.2 to solve the issue of the corrupt characters in the GB2312 character set (and possibly some other multibyte character sets)
and I sent it to Charline who had reported the problem for testing but I’ve still not heard back from her.

You can download it from here

Could you please test this version and let me know if it is OK?

You will need to have installed the full 2.29.0 available from the Sailwave website
Then replace the Sailwave.exe version 2.29.2 exe only with the one in the link above

Look forward to hearing from you

Jon Eskdale

03333 443377
07530 112233

That edition works fine for now! Most of the S-chinese characters can be shown.

Many thanks!!

May I ask which character set do you use, UTF-8 or GB18030?

Dear Jon,

Charline here. Thanks for your big help for Chinese version. I checked my mailbox and rubbish box and have been not received a new version till now.

Download online and the new version works fine. Many thanks!

Hi David,

You say Most of the Simplified Chinese characters can be shown. It should be all of them now. As I fixed the issue which was preventing 256 of them from being displayed. If there are any that don’t work please let me know and I’ll investigate further.

Sailwave should use the set as defined by windows of the override in the Global options


Hi Charline,

Thanks for the feedback that is great.
I sent the email on the 26th April 23:58 UK time



Hi Jon,

Sorry, there are 70244 chinese characters in GB18030 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I can’t test them all, haha.
Anyway you really did a great help for chinese race officers. Appreciate!

David Zhou