Class name change in Rating file vs Historic Sailwave Series BLWs

I am just getting round to updating our Club’s PY numbers for the Summer Series to use the 2024 ones and our Series files still seem to have the old names for the LASER, LASER 4.7 and LASER RADIAL Obviously if I use the new ratings file with the ILCA 4/6/7 names for these, then the PYs will not get updated to the new values (I think SailWave just keeps the current numbers for entries not in the list).

Will it be safe to edit the BLW files in a text editor and do a search/Replace of “LASER” to “ILCA 7 / Laser”, “LASER 4.7” to “ILCA 4 / Laser 4.7” and “LASER RADIAL” to “ILCA 6 / Laser Radial” - obviously being careful with the replacement to include the quotes and to match the new ratings files correctly?
Is there an easier way to manage this?

Hi Mark,

Short answer to your question is yes if VERY careful.
What about using Tools | Set competitor field.

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Hi Mark,

You can do this within Sailwave
using the Tools - Set Competitor field

Just select which Class and the new naming

Hope that helps


Thanks very much for the quick response. I wasn’t aware of that feature. I thought the only way to do it within SailWave would be to sort all competitors by class and use the Edit Competitor, selecting the “edit next” box and change all manually

Glad I asked…

Will that feature work for my aliased competitors as well as the primary? Guessing so - I’ll try.

Thanks again for your help