Clear Results Quirk

Hi SUG Members,

I was sent a file yesterday and asked why the results were wrong for the second race in the series. There were two fleets both using PY Rating but with local rating values.

The overall series results looked on the face of it OK But when you looked at the individual race result table for the second race one of the fleets had ‘unusual’ corrected times of days:hours:minutes:seconds! From somewhere rating values were being picked up that were nothing like the normal PY values. For example, one competitor had a default PY value of 1055 which was used for R1 but on inspection for R2 the rating values was 0.828.

So the question was where has this and the other competitor rating values for R2 come from.

I think that what has happened is that an existing Sailwave file which used NHC rating system has been copied and re-used for a new series. The results were cleared but unfortunately this does not clear any individual race ratings for the competitors.
So for R1 everything was all OK because the default ratings were used but come R2 where some competitors had a race rating this was used, hence the corrected times being so unexpected.

So the message is do not try and re-use a Sailwave which has used a progressive rating system, RYA NHC Irish Sailing Progressive ECHO, for a new series with fixed rating system scoring.

I have raised the issue with Jon and I am waiting for his thoughts.

Kind regards,

If you want to reuse a file then you should delete the races not just clear the results, especially if you have rating overrides for individual races, otherwise, you will still have the ratings that were used for those races present
Sometimes you might want to keep the ratings such as the recommended way of starting a new NHC series with the handicaps carried forward is to delete all races other than the first unsailed race from the previous series. This race holds the ratings that are to be used for the next race - this will then be race 1 of the new series