club racing days

Our youth sailing club runs club racing on Sundays. A particular
racing series will include up to 5 or 6 Sundays and on each day 2 or 3
races are held. Sailwave is used and currently a separate file for
each Sunday in prepared. To obtain cummlative results Sunday are
merged as the series progresses and this file is saved under a
separate name. This achieves the desired result i.e. total results for
series but is rather tedious and time consuming. There are some
discards allowed depending on the number of races completed over the
series. I feel there should be a more efficient way of accumulating
the results by doing this in a single Sailwave file that could
incorporate each Sundays club day races. At the end of each Sunday's
racing there are prizes awarded to the children/ teenagers for that
days racing. If I was to use a single file for each class, would it be
possible to exclude prior Sunday's results in order to obtain the
results for the "current" Sunday. Obviously I would need to be able to
score all Sundays to get the cumulative results for Sundays to date. I
hope the above makes sense and that someone can shed some light! Rgds,