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Expired (TLE) code for scoring a boat that fails to finish within the Finishing Window, and not subsequently retires, get penalized or is given redress.

I use SAILWAVE 2.30.02 and I think the code TLE isn´t available yet to be picked up from codes dropdown list. Do you plan to include it soon.

I ask it because we, Sao Paulo state race officers, are are just writing our permanent SI for 2024 season’s regattas.

Although a custom code can de defined in SW it would be nice to have it incorporated in SW’s nest release/version.

Thanks for your attention .

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Hi Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, but I think you answered your question in the first sentence.

Blockquote Expired (TLE) code for scoring a boat that fails to finish within the Finishing Window, and not subsequently retires, get penalized or is given redress

TLE has no fixed definition in terms of the points that are applied - It depends upon the NoR or SI’s to specify how it is handled. Therefore it is not possible for it to be included as a standard code.

Once the scorer knows how it is handled then he simply creates the TLE code and assigns the method of how to calculate the points. Custom codes can be very quickly created in Sailwave and behave the same as the default codes.

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Hi RK,

Just beware the current wording of TLE points in WS RRS Appendix LG can have unexpected side effects.

A Sailwave user who is an IRO has made me aware of the issue.

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I’ll try to explain what the issue is with the current TLE wording in Appendix LG. Here is the instruction:

The Finishing Window is the time for boats to finish after the first boat sails the course and finishes. Boats failing to finish within the Finishing Window, and not subsequently retiring, penalized or given redress, will be scored Time Limit Expired (TLE) without a hearing. A boat scored TLE shall be scored points for the finishing place [one][two] more than the points scored by the last boat that finished within the Finishing Window. This changes RRS 35, A5.1, A5.2 and A10.

One issue is that if the last boat finishes within the Finishing Window receives a letter score (UFD, BFD, NSC, RET, DSQ, DNE) and still meets the definition of Finish. In that case the TLE boats will receive a score of the number of boats in the series+one +one or two points. Which in most cases is more points than the score for DNF I’m not sure that this was the intent.

Here is a scenario:

  • U flag start

  • 50 boats entered the regatta

  • Boat A was in the triangle during the last minute before the starting signal, but was below the starting line after the starting signal

  • Boat A was the 40th boat and last boat to cross the finish line within the Finish window.

  • Boat A is scored UFD (51 points)

  • Boat B had a clear start, but failed to finish within the finishing window. Boat B didn’t retire, was not penalized or given redress.

  • Boat B and all other boats that were still racing within the finishing window will be scored TLE with a score of 51 + one or two points which is more than the score for DNF (51 points for the last boat ( Boat A) that finished within the finishing window)
    I submitted a Q&A to Worlds Sailing and the first feedback I received was that there are issues with the TLE instruction.

The race committee has more work now because they need to keep track if certain letter scores penalties meet the definition of finish or not. ie. If boat A in the above scenario was not below the starting line after the starting signal and assuming that the last boat to finish was in 39th position. The TLE boats would have received 39 + one or two points. If a boat meets the definition of finish she as per the RRS meets the definition of start.

In addition to the above issue there are fairness factors.