Comparing NHC vs TCF ratings

Results NHC vs TCF.blw (58.9 KB)

I’m trying to show the difference between the NHC and TCF handicap systems with an alias of a master dataset. (The Sailwave file is attached) It’s my understanding that both NHC and TCF use the same formula, but with NHC the rating can change from race to race. I’ve configured the main (master) with the NHC rating system and the alias version with TCF.

When I display the corrected time, it is the same in both datasets. I would expect it the be the same for race one, but not the balance of the races. Also, when I display the rating in the race cells there are rating displayed in the TCF section. I would expect those to be blank for the TCF fleet boats.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi Peter,


When did you create the aliases? I suspect, having looked at the file you sent and a complete re-work from scratch using a new Sailwave file and manually entering all the data, that you created the aliases after you had entered all the data for the NHC Fleet.

You need to create the aliases BEFORE entering any race data and complete the scoring set-up, including a Race start for each Fleet with appropriate competitors selected for each start.

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Results NHC vs TCF - Huw2.blw (59.5 KB)

Hi Peter,

Perhaps this is something Jon can take a look at when he has a moment, because I suspect that users might like to see what effect Progressive Handicapping has on a series that has already taken place and they will not want to have to reenter all the results.
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Hi Huw,

You are right that I created the aliases after the race data was entered. The whole process is part of a CORK training course. I wanted to show how to create aliases and a good reason why. I can still do this, but use a different number of drop races. I played around with the data that you created (thanks for that) , but found that in this case it was not necessary to create a separate start for each fleet.

Thanks for your help.

Hi All - There is no problem creating the aliases after the race data was entered - I just tested it and can confirm it works OK

Taking the Elapsed.blw sample that is included with Sailwave. In the Setup User Interface, I enabled the Aliasing. Then I created aliases of all competitors and then excluded the Dart 18 aliases.
I renamed the fleet for the for the Aliases using the Tools set competitor field to Personal and then added a new fleet to the scoring system with a fleet = Personal and changed the rating system of this fleet to NHC internal. I then added the fleet to the starts and scored. All worked fine
Resultant file is attached
Let me know if you still think there is something needed but it all seems fine to me
test.blw (76.0 KB)

Hi Peter & Jon,

I have just twigged what the ‘problem’ is.

Peter created the NHC as his master record in an existing series which he then aliased to TCF. Doing things this way round copies all the individual race ratings, i.e. the NHC race ratings, across to the TCF aliased competitors and therefore when you show race ratings the TCF shows the same as the NHC, not surprisingly. However, if TCF had been the original master and then aliased as NHC, then when showing race ratings TCF would all be blank and NHC show the NHC ratings.

I hope that makes sense.
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Hi Jon and Huw.,

Yes, I started with a NHC file and aliases a TCF file. Now I know that the alias file should contain the NHC.

Thank you both.



I did a bit more checking without using aliases. What is shows is that once you use the NHC ratings there is no going back to TCF or other ratings that are not set by a race by race basis.


Hi Peter and All.
Sorry a bit late replying have had all the Kids and Grand-Kids staying for a couple of days.

It doesn’t matter which are the are Aliases TCF or NHC although usually as a convention I have the NHC as the Aliases as it is easier if there are already results entered.

The issue is that once you have scored a competitor with the NHC then the ratings for each race will be set. If you then make them TCF then they will have the ratings for each race already set. In some cases this is what is wanted but in your case it is not.

This is not a big problem and only takes a minute or two to resolve
Basically you have to remove all the individual race ratings manually
This sounds a lot of work but in reality isn’t

Open the results for the first competitor in the race and select the rating tab
See above
Now type Backspace - Enter - Down arrow - Enter
Repeat the above key sequence as necessary to clear all the TCF competitors only takes a few seconds
Although you do need to do it for each race but its still quick when in the swing.

You can quickly check the ratings have been removed by typing F6 then R

Hope that helps