Comparing result between fleets

Hi, the club I race at uses Sailwave. We race together, (doing laps of the course) but results are grouped by fleets : Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

I’m in Bronze but only a couple of boats in bronze, so not good for comparing how you performed.
Is it possible to compare how performed against the other fleets ?

The results look like this :

Rank Fleet Class SailNo HelmName CrewName PY Elapsed Laps Corrected BCE BCR Points

1 Bronze Supernova 666 John Smith 1077 51.00 6 0.47.21 0.00.00 1077 1.0

Hi David

Welcome to the Sailwave User Group. Yes, there should not be a problem you could create a set of results with them scored by group and also a set of results of them all. You will only enter the results once and Sailwave will create the two sets of results. To do this you need to enable Competitor Aliases from the Setup - User Interface. You can then create aliases of the competitors and create a fleet of all the aliases and give it a name e.g. All. Basically that is all that is needed when you publish you can then have a fleet of All that can be published so that you can compare your position within all the competitors
Hope that helps - please ask if you need more info


Could you ask your scorer to publish a set of results overall, without being split into fleets? (Score competitors as one group)

Thanks both for the info.
Sounds like comparison is not possible with current results. I’ll ask the sailing club if they could also generate an “all” fleet.
Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi BadPenguin,

It depends on how the Sailwave file has been configured. If all Fleets - Bronze, Silver & Gold - are being scored on the same rating system it should be possible, to do what you are looking for to see how you are all doing relative to others in a different fleet.

As has in previous replies there are a couple of ways of getting what you are looking for:

  • use the first scoring option when scoring, “Score all competitors as one group”. This option would require scoring results twice, once by fleets and once by everyone.
  • use aliases which will produce separate sets of results for each fleet - Bronze, Silver & Gold - together with a set for everyone by only scoring once using the second scoring option. Finish sheet data for each race only has be entered once for each race.

If you are able to get a copy of the Sailwave file I would be happy to take a look at it.
Kind regards,

Thanks Huw for the help on this.

I used the 2nd solution you gave (using Aliases) and it worked a treat. Nice one :slight_smile: