Competitors Change Boats Every Few Races

I am running an event where boats are supplied by the organizing authority and competitors change boats every few races. Sail number 1234 might be sailed by competitor A in races 1 and 2 and by Competitor B in races 3 and 4.

Is there a way to setup Sailwave so that can enter the sail number finishing order and have the results associated with the competitors who are sailing that boat in that race?

Alternatively we can score by competitor name and convert the sail # to the competitor name manually.

At some point you need to update the sail #. The result sits against the competitor not the sail number


1234 Joe Blogs 1 1 2
5678 Sam Smith 2 2 1

Then change sail no and carry on scoring.

If only change between two boats you could use AltSail No and record against that for the second batch of races.

Or if you have names, you can record against names. For our e-series during lockdown our sailno were usernames…

If you know the sail numbers of the boats for each race before hand, you could assign those sail numbers to competitor fields like skipperId for race 1, skipperName for race 2, etc.

With that you can use the Sail num wizard to enter the results, but you have the select the right competitor field for each race. See below:

It’s a little work to setup, but it easy to enter the results when the regatta has started.

I’m afraid that I just assign them a number, 0001, 0002 etc., but that only works if you can recognise the helm and most teenagers look a bit similar to me. That allows the sail number wizard to be used. The alternative is to horsewhip the culprits but that’s frowned upon.

Hi Malcolm,
Just select from the drop-down list in the Sail Number Wizard, HelmName :slight_smile:

You can use alternatives for entering race finish data, it is just that usually one uses sail number. some classes, like 429 & 470 are using a bow number. This can also be selected from the drop-down list in the Sail Number Wizard.

Kind regards,

Mark, I’m assuming this is a one off. If it’s a long series I was thinking you could give each competitor a numbered placard that they could fly off the backstay.

I like the mnemonic to stick in the SailNo field, except how do you tell them apart? Maybe different coloured hats?

If there aren’t too many boats, you can set it up as a mnemonic base and record with SailNo in another field and then change it from time to time. Should be pretty quick.