Corrected Times not always working

We are having a random issue when calculating or re-scoring a race. The corrected times are right based on the multiplier, however it doesn’t put the lowest corrected time in first place. It is correct for Race One but in Race Two the second place boat, actually has a lower elapsed time.

Hi 2210-Rocket,
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Please could you share your Sailwave file with me so I can take a look and see if I can spot what is happening.

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Hi David,

It would help if you attached the BLW file.


Yes but it is correct based on the Corrected time - although the corrected time is wrong for some reason

Can you share the file with me please so that I can see what is happening?


Sorry but as a new user, I’m not allowed to upload files to the forum.



BAYC-MAY2022-Flying-Sails.blw (42 KB)

It doesn’t allow new users to upload files.


BAYC-MAY2022-Flying-Sails.blw (42 KB)

I see that if I respond to your emails, it is allowing me to upload

Hi David,

It looks to me that the results were published before they were scored or rescored.

I scored the results and the published data looks good.


I agree with Peter if you rescore they don’t have this problem
But although I can understand that happening with older versions of Sailwave (I’ve even done it myself) but the current version warns you when you publish

Let me know if after a rescore you still have an issue.

thanks for the quick response, will make sure to rescore before publishing