Correcting error in NHC program within Sailwave

This is an old theme but have any other clubs noticed a couple of glitches in NHC calculated results, namely:

  1. The fleet average handicap after re-aligning is not constant after each race as it is supposed to be.
  2. There are instances when the handicap of every boat competing in a race goes down (or sometimes all up).
    It becomes particularly apparent in series when not every boat turns up to race each time. The correction is to re-align outgoing handicaps for every boat competing in a particular race to their handicaps going into that race rather than their handicaps at the beginning of the series. At the RLymYC we’re using a modified Excel template as a custom external link within Sailwave to correct these gltches. If anyone wants a copy or more info please let me know! Jon Eskdale at Sailwave has been instrumental in helping sort this out

HI, would it be possible to get a copy of that file. I have run into that problem recently.

By the way , what version of Sailwave are you using?

Hi Mark
We’re using Sailwave version 2.29.0
To correct the glitch, which has been ever-present since the early versions of the RYA’s NHC program, you need to download the attached template SWNHC3RLymYC.xls and save it in:
C: > Users > Public > Public Documents > Sailwave > Templates, assuming you’re using Microsoft Windows.
When calculating the results in Sailwave click through: Scoring System > Rating system > RYA NHC > Custom External. Then in the bottom left hand corner check the Excel Link box which opens up another box underneath it. Type in this box: SWNHC3RLymYC. You only have to do this once when you set up the series.
When you click the ‘Score series’ and ‘rescore’ buttons in Sailwave the Excel template opens up along with a box asking you to click through each race or you can click the ‘Update All’ button to calculate results for all races. It’s very quick and easy.
This new template just corrects the glitch in the program. I haven’t been able to get the RYA to recognise this error so went ahead and corrected it myself then sent them the corrected version. I never got any reply!!
Weve also been looking at the parameters for adjusting the handicaps but this is a discretionary decision by each race committee. We have lifted the ‘extreme over/under performers’ limits from 1.5σ/1.0σ to 2.0σ/1.5σ because the NHC base list has so many egregious anomolies we wanted the fleet to home in on a better spread of handicaps as quickly as possible. These adjustments are discretionery and not included in the attached template.
If you need any help on this or more info then please get back in touch.
Kind Regards
Richard Truscott

(Attachment SWNHC3RLymYC.xls is missing)

Hi Mark
Unfortunately the Sailwave user group rejected my attachment to you. If you send me your email address to I’ll send it via your private email.

Hi Richard

I’ve upped you status so you should more be able to attach files