Thanks George and Simon etc al.

Perhaps the 19 in the formula refers to starters-1? I thought the 20 in the
formula that I posted from Bemis's book referred to the number of starters
but I can't get anything sensible out of it.



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  The formula you quoted (when divided by 10 and rounded to the nearest
integer) yields the points in the Cox-Sprague table for 20 starters. I have
tried repeatedly to find a formula for the first place points as a function
of the number of starters with little success. I've been told that the table
has been adjusted over the years from the values originally derived by a
formula. This method is widely used, especially in Long Island Sound.

  I have copies of the Bob Bavier and Stan Ogilvey books that contain
descriptions of the system, but neither gives any idea about the formula.
The only place I have seen any formula is in the Greg Bemis book. If any one
knows the formula, I hope they will share it with us. I think you may have
to use the table to calculate points.


  George Gardner

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