Creating a sailor ranking

We are using Sailwave to score a number of race series.
Each series comprises 3 or 4 races and we create a new series for each one - straightforward to do.
Sailors compete in different boats from one series to another, sometimes single-handed, sometimes double-handed, the series are scored using PN.
What we then want to do is create a ranking for our sailors based on their combined series scores.
So we have created a separate series and entered their results from each separate series in for each race.
The complexity comes when we wish to give two people the same position because they sailed a double-handed boat. We have ticked “split starts” in the user interface to allow multiple 1sts etc but the software doesn’t seem to like only have one person (a single-hander) getting 1st place and then 2 people (a double-hander) being allocated 2nd.

Is there a way to force the software to just record and then score the finishing places rather than converting these into scored points when we score the series?

Hi Ed,
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Short answer to your question is no. But…

If I have understood correctly, using ‘split starts’ is not the option you want.

The option you want, I think, is ‘Non-standard race tie options’. This allows two or more boats have the same score rather than the RRS App A ‘Average points’.

If you have an example file you would like to share, it would be useful.
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Hi Ed,

You need to think carefully about what you want to happen. Such as what happens with DNC and DNF etc and what happens about discards etc. But yes you can allocate a fixed number of points which won’t get changed when you score. This is already included under the code of RDG but you wouldn’t want the results to show RDG for every results. So the way around this is to go to the Menu-Scoring System- Scoring codes tab and make a copy of the RDG code

Select the RDG code and then click New and then Edit
Edit the name of the code to &nbsp and if you want also edit the description

When you enter the results enter them as a code of &nbsp and the points you want
When you publish the results the code &nbsp will just appear as a space so you won’t see any codes just the points you allocated

Does that work for you?


Hi Huw,

Thanks for your reply. The problem caused by your method above is it then omits the next position.
If 2 sailors are both allocated 2 points, having finished the series 2nd in a double-handed boat, the boat that finished third has their score increased to 4 points instead of the allocated 3. This cascades down the ranking so the 14th boat has ended up with 21 points. Is there a work around for this?

Hi Jon,

It sounds like this might work but I just need a bit more help for my greenness with this please.

It sounds like doing this will remove the ability for the system to score DNC etc, unless I put them in as code? Or not at all and I will have to manually enter a number of points instead of DNC?

When I enter results, please can you be explicit with what I need to type in and where. Is it as simple as “&nbsp2” for 2 points? Presumably in the code box when editing the sailors race result?

Can I do this just for the ones that I need to override, or do I need to do it for all competitors?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Jon,

I’ve had another look at this this morning and have figured out how to score the races. Thank you very much, at this point in time this has solved the issue I had. If anything further arises I’ll reply to the thread. Thank you Huw and Jon for your help.


Hi Ed

You are very welcome - There isn’t much that can’t be done with a bit of thought - keep us posted on how it goes