Creating new scoring code method

Is it possible to create a code in which the method of scoring will score all races except DNC and one additional code (RCa, in this case) that awards a manually assigned point value.

Without getting too far into the weeds with respect to a scoring protocol I have not seen outside the organizing authority what created this one, competitors serving in a race management position are presumably incentivized to serve by being awarded a 1st place position for that race. On some dates, competitors sail two races. On those dates, the competitors serving on the race committee for the 2nd race are supposedly awarded the average of all races run.

The scoring protocol currently in use for race two of a two race date (Using the Regatta Network platform) averages all races including the “unearned” 1st place awarded for Race Committee service. I wish to propose to the organizing authority a fairer system in which a code (RCb in the attached Sailwave file) averages a more performance oriented score, thus the desire to eliminate the codes DNC and RCa from the average.

I would appreciate any suggestions that might support this scoring philosophy. With respect to “incentivized” Race Committee service in the attached file; code RCa awards the first of two “same day” races in the series with a manually assigned 1 point. The code RCb awards the same competitors a second race score equal to the average of all races with no exclusion except possibly discards.

LMYRASpring2022.blw (29.1 KB)

So what would happen in this case?

The RCb couldn’t work out any points as I see it, as you have eliminated the DNC and RCa and those are the only races it has to work on.

The RCa score has not been excluded. The RCb code, as currently applied, averages ALL races. For my proposed scoring scenario, I am asking how one can configure a code so that using that code, in addition to an already established option of excluding code DNC, can also exclude the RCa code.

Sorry if my original description was unclear.