Csv not xls ryapn

Sorry to be trivial but I downloaded latest ryapn file from RYA site this is in xls format and won’t work in your global settings. The download direct from sailwave website is in csv format and works. They look identical when using excel

Hi Ryan,

I am sorry you seem to have found it unhelpful that Sailwave does not read XLS file available for download from RYA. I can see that a new user of Sailwave might assume that the ratings file from the RYA could be used automatically by Sailwave. I hope you are finding Sailwave fits your needs though and look forward to assisting you, as and when you might need it.

FYI - The XLS file download from the RYA contains the same information as the CSV file download from Sailwave but it is not the same in format which is crucial.

The decision as to what format the rating file would be in was taken long before the RYA and indeed other rating system authorities made the information available in electronic format .

It is also easier, form my minimal coding experience, to write functionality that parses a text file hence Sailwave using CSV file format, which also in the early days of spreadsheets was the only reliable way of moving data between the different spreadsheets then available. Using CSV format also means you did not need access to a spreadsheet to create the ratings file and could create the file using a simple text editor like Notepad on Microsoft Windows systems.

Sailwave can handle multiple different rating systems concurrently and in the same Sailwave.BLW file. It needs some way of telling which ratings belong to which rating system hence the structured format of the Sailwave rating files in CSV format. The first column is a code for the rating system, for example PY for RYA and SCHRS for Small Catamaran Handicap Rating System.

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Hi Huw. I am not complaining. Just pointing out the difference.
Thanks for your help.
Regards Steve

Apologies Steve for getting your name wrong

Why not just open the xls in Excel and then Save As and select CSV format - quicker than posting here!

Hi PatJ,
The RYA XLS ratings file is not in the format compatible with Sailwave when saved as CSV. Hence the provision of a CSV file on the Sailwave web site, along with other rating system CSV files.

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Ok but it’s still easy to edit an xls and save for Sailwave - I do myself as we don’t use RYA pn. And as you say, Sailwave was there first. But if there’s a download available, don’t reinvent the wheel.