Dart 18 handicap system volunteer needed

Currently while Sailwave is used for most Dart 18 events in the UK, the handicap stuff is done by hand in Excel and can be a kerfuffle even though it’s pretty simple (Jon says like .NHC in principle)

UKIDA, Ian Frazer and Brian Phipps would like a more integrated approach. Jon suggested using the generic external excel approach (I think) and then possibly hard wiring.

Would anybody like to take on this this little project?

One of my business partners has left suddenly and my workload is pretty crazy - 7am to midnight.

Dart would like to show something at the Dinghy Show next year; so there is a fair chuck of time to do it.


Can you email or phone me if you would like to volunteer to do this project - or know somebody that does etc. colin@sailwave.com. 07818 061784. I’ll pass on the info I have and put you in touch with Ian, Brian and UKIDA.


Colin J