Different race names for different fleets

Hi to Everyone!
Ref.: OPTIMIST class state championship scoring.

A 50 boats fleet, starting all races together, divided in 2 fleets: VETs and ROOKIEs.
On a daily basis, VETs may race up to 3 races a day, ROOKIEs up to 2 races a day. This causes the race names be different for each fleet: VETs Reg#4 is in fact ROOKIEs Reg#3 and so on.

When publishing separated series summary tables I wish I could, for each fleet summary table, name the races according to its real sequential number.

Is it possible?
Thanks for any help.
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Hi Renato,

There is a ‘trick’ that might be useful for you.

If you if right click a race column header you can change the race name from the default of R# where number is the number of race. If you enter for example “R2 Vets
R1 ROOKIES”, without the quotes, you will get

as the race column heading for that race.

Repeat for additional races changing race numbers as appropriate.

I hope that makes sense, if not come back.
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Hi Renato,
As Huw says that is one solution and probably is the best in many circumstances.
Another solution is to add another race and copy the results of one of the fleets into that new one and remove them from the original so that they are two different races and you can name them as you wish, the blank races won’t appear if you have the option to publish only sailed races turned on.

Also if the races are actually different races you could consider putting them in separate files and then you can name them as you wish.


Thanks huw.
I considered your suggestion (which is useful though), but the width of the each race column gets too wide. Abbreviate to something like R1 Rook R2 Vets could mitigate this drawback.

A question: like the option to rename any column (except the race’s ones), wouldn’t be feasible to rename the columns for each group being scored, just for publishing?

Hi Renato,

To reduce the column width for publishing you can place the fleet designation under the race number. Change the race 1 name from R1 to: R1
VET or R1
ROOK With HTML you can even make the fleet designation a smaller font by changing the name to:

or even adding a colour:


The embedded HTML was converted, but the attached image below shows the code.


Hi Renato,
My bad that I did not notice that a bit of my typing had been interpreted by this application rather than leaving it in. :frowning:
It should have been - If you enter for example “R2 Vets< br >R1 ROOKIES”, without the quotes and spaces before and after br, you will get

as the race column heading for that race. It will look odd on the screen but when published it will look much better. I have used this trick to include a country flag as part of the published race column header for a pan-European series with events taking place in 9 or 10 different countries. See this set of results - Sailwave results for 29er Euro Cup 2022<br>OFFICIAL RESULTS at Overall results from 10 scheduled regattas<br>4 best results & E10 Grand Final to count 2022

Apologies for not noticing before that a key bit of text from my suggested way of doing things had been removed.
Kind regards,

Hi Jon. Thanks.
This sort of “copy and paste” of one fleet’s results to a new race within the same blw file, it seems it has to be done on a individual basis, right? It is a workaround, subject to transcription errors.

Sailwave is very versatile, specially in this case, when 2 categories start and finish together, having one single and continuous on water finish form. Lot of time and work is saved.

For now, I am copying and pasting the sequential regattas headers from the class with more regattas sailed, on the headers of the class with less sailed ones. Its fast and cosmetic.

Have a good day!

Hi Peter.
Nice suggestion. Thank you!
Do I write this string of text directly in the field when renaming a race?

Just tested it! Amazing!