Different versions of Sailwave compatibility


Somebody from another club that uses Sailwave has asked me a question that I don’t know the answer on. They have a club laptop and a personal laptop and they happen to run different versions of Sailwave. The results files are saved to the cloud. Are there any issues with compatibility if the laptop with the older version of Sailwave tries to results files created using a newer versions?

Hi Dave - I suppose the first question is why not update the older version to the new version. It is free of charge. Generally, if you are not using any of the new features you can open with an older version. If you however then save a file with an old version it can’t save the file with the new features as it wasn’t known off at the time it was written. I try to make them as backward compatible as is possible.

Hi Jon,

I have the same question as you about why they are not updating to the latest version of Sailwave - I’ll encourage them to do that. In our club we try and keep all laptops on the same version. I’ll let them know about the backwards compatibility.