Displaying Line Placing as well as Handicap Place

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New year, we have just migrated all our results over to sailwave for our Club here in New Zealand,

when publishing Results we show Finish time, Adjusted Time, Position and Points
Position and points are always the same, i was hoping to remove Points and change to displaying “line honors” ie where the boat finished on the water, This is not for any sort of calculation just for information,

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Hi Morgan,
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The short answer to your question about displaying ‘line honors’ is no Sailwave cannot. However as you are publishing Finish time, you effectively have your ‘line honors’, i.e. where boat finished on the water. I appreciate it takes a bit more effort t in scanning the times .

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Hi Morgan,

Although Place and Points are often the same that is not always the case
In the event that there is a draw for place lets say two people are equal 2nd as their corrected times are identical then their places would be 2 for each but they would get 2.5 points each
When there are average points added as a result of an incident then you need to show points - so it’s not a good idea to not display points

As you are displaying finishing time (or elapsed time) you can see the order of finish.
If you really want to publish some results in “line honors” order
Press F6 and select Elapsed time and then click on the race to publish so as to sort it by elapsed time then publish just that race in the series summary table you will have it published in the order of finishing.


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Yea our old software used to do it. Had some complaints in the club about the change and it not showing. Maybe a change could be requested?

You could always write an effect to publish the Line order if you wanted to
A little bit of work but shouldn’t be difficult for a person with Javascript skills

Hi Jon,
I think a Javascript effect for ‘Line Order’ does not work if a boat subsequently gets a scoring penalty code :frowning:

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Well you could if you calculated the elapsed time from the corrected time and handicap but personally I don’t really see the point of the line order other than sorting in that order to check results are correctly entered
What does it prove, OK the Laser finished in front of the Optimist, but the Laser is much faster than the Oppie, so this defeats the whole point of the handicap racing. Things like BCE which tell you how much quicker you would have needed to sail to win are much more interesting.

Hi Jon
i agree with your example being fruitless, we have several boats on close handicaps, and there is a bit of bragging rights for line Honors, at our Prize Giving’s we always mention, 1st over the line, then place 1st - 2nd -3rd on handicap,. its not a scoring thing just a nice to know and mention thing,

Thanks for all you support in this and my other questions am really getting All this sorted now, i did email you re setting up a FPT folder under our club not sure if you got this email?

If your club members are really keen to have the line placing there is one way. This is getting into the advanced features, but what you do is to take advantage of the features aliasing and fleet scoring.
Fleet scoring means dividing the competitors into two groups which can be scored separately. Aliasing is a way of making mirrors of each competitor which automatically inherit the finish times.
So if you make an alias of every competitor and put the aliases in a fleet called say line honours, and score the line honours fleet by place, not rating, then you’ll get two sets of results for every race - and the series - one scored on handicap, the other on finishing position.
It’s extra work, but there are tools to assist, so it’s not that much extra work.

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Hi Jim,

Thanks a nice solution if they want it - Still think an effect might be interesting if there is someone with the skill and time