DNC and competitor import files

When you import a competitor list all the competitors become “registered” for the series. However some of these competitors may/will not race in this series.
DNC uses the number of boats registered; but it would be very nice (and more proper) if DNC equals the number of boats that at least raced once in the series.
Any quick way of doing this?

Hi Kirk,
Quick question - have your SI’s been written to allow for what you are looking for? Because if not you should be scoring as default RRS Appendix A. I think if you are wanting to change DNC points it needs to be written into the SI’s.

I am not disagreeing with your requirement.

Sailwave has a quick way of setting the points for DNS, DNF etc for a series longer than a regatta. On the scoring codes tab in Edit Scoring System window is a hand icon in the bottom left corner, if you click this you will a list of options; one of which is “WS Appendix A long series”. Click this option and the points for codes are set according to Appendix A9. But as Appendix A9 still states DNC is still equal to boats in series +1, it does not address your preferred requirement.

There are quite a few alternative methods for deciding the points to be associated with DNC which might be suitable, including a fixed number of points. Sailwave has no method for basing the number of points associated with DNC based on the number of competitors who have sailed at least one race. Sorry.

The different methods available can be seen by editing the scoring code.

Another method you might consider is DNC points equal to points of max number of boats that came to the start in any one race + N.

I hope you find one of the available methods suitable for your requirements.
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I think they have always been written this way(or assumed to be written this way). But no one ever thought to look at the results close enough to see the problem.

Maybe in PHRF racing the “error” does not crop up enough worry about it; but with NHC it does happen.

The cleanest way I see right to now is to set DNC to fix number of points at end of series.


Interestingly it is almost the default to show boats that have only raced at once in a given series; but the DNC scoring not on that basis.

Hi Kirk,

I think all you need to do is Edit, Mark all Unsailed competitors as Excluded.




Hi Kirk,
If I understand correctly. All you need to do is mark the competitors that haven’t raced as excluded - then click the X in the ribbon to hide excluded competitors.

So in practice when you import them mark them as excluded and just un-exclude them when they compete
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Yes I think that does the Trick!