DNf & sailing the course

Well done everyone - one or two of these each weekend will certainly get the
old grey matter working overtime.
I am giving serious thought to setting up a dedicated web site for this sort
of thing as it is obvious that there is a need for a forum.
RaceManagement.org is free & I will probably register it so please don't not
pinch it.

RICHARD'S comment is obviously sensible for handicap racing but does not
cover class racing re Rule 28.1

CLIFF's reply is more involved & I would suggest the following be considered:

A5 is very specific in that it applies to starting, finishing & rules 30.2 or

only covers between the last mark and the finish line & reference to 28.1
(sailing the correct course) only applies if the error was at the finish

ISAF RM Manual para 15.1 states
"For instance, RRS A 5 allows the Race Committee to score a boat as failing
to start or to finish without having to protest her. In other words: the Race
Committee has the power to decide whether a competitor is sailing a valid
race or not. The least you would expect the Race Officer to know is the
meaning of start and finish - and that these words (in italics) relate to
Definitions which can be found in the racing rules."

ISAF RM Manual para 15.2 states
"Boats failing to finish are scored DNF (Did not finish) without protest, by
the Race Committee (see RRS A 5)."
I would interpret "without protest" as applying only to instances in the
definition of finish

ISAF RM Manual App 12A (guidance on scoring) only refers to A5 issues

Taking all these into account, if a boat misses a mark within the course e.g
"lapping" gate or leeward mark gate, I don't think that we can disqualify
(DNF or whatever) without a protest & hearing. In reality however, I am sure
that DNF is recorded on the score sheet lots of times & the RO then waits to
see if the boat complains - usually not as they know they were in the wrong!

In considering when a boat can be penalised without a hearing, my
understanding is that the rules are very specific when this can happen i.e 67
(if stated in SI's) & A5 relating to starting (e.g. OCS), finishing, rule
30.2 & 30.3. I seem to remember that this came up in a Race Officer's
conference & Tony Lockett gave guidance along these lines.

Ralph Tingle

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