Dubai Junior Regatta

I have just returned as an Umpire from the Dubai Match racing.

When I was there I was told by the race officer I was to organise the scoring (my computer was in the UK). It was the same race officer who volunteered me for the old (New) ISAF scheme in Moscow.

This was the new format, with a trophy race, for the top ten on the final day.

There were 5 lots of top 10 as there was two fleets, Laser and Optimist. Both had overall and female categories and there was a junior in the Optimist.

I had a team event to score as well.

I initially had each fleet Laser and Optimist in one file.

The optimist used bow numbers so I entered these as Sail numbers (91boats) so we could use the wizard.

We put the sail number in another column and renamed it for display.

Some group had overall, some junior and some female so I put these in separate columns.

I scored as one and each day looked in the columns for the female and Junior.

The same at the end of the week for the team prize.

I opened 5 files for the final, one for each category, as some kids were sailing in more than one.

The points for the week after discard were carried forward to the final day, and the last race counted for double points.

I entered the points to date as a redress score (hid the code for printing) the final race was entered normally.

This worked fine, except that initially the tie (there were two) was broken incorrectly it being on the final race.

I eventually ticked the last option (later races) and it scored OK.

So it can be done.

There may be a better way! any ideas?

Could there be an option to score by bow or sail number in the wizard?

Mike Butterfield