DUT score, which is Score Like OOD, produces different result

Hi, we have a DUT code, which is set to score like OOD, however I get a different score when I use DUT than when I use OOD. I am using OOD for the moment to work around this but the duty is not OOD, so it would be nicer if I could use the DUT code. I believe the OOD code produces the correct result (average of all non discards)
CycCupAndDivisionSeries23_24_DUT.blw (212.5 KB)

CycCupAndDivisionSeries23_24_OOD.blw (212.5 KB)

I have attached screenshots and blw files, marked DUT and OOD

Hi Michael.

I am sure that Jon will respond with the reason that the two are producing the same number of points.

In the meantime you can change the method of DUT to the average of the races.

This will give you the same results as the OOD code, but you can use the DUT code.


Hi Michael,

I have had a look and you seem to have found something that does not quite work correctly, in setting your new code DUT to use the same method as another code in this specific case of using OOD as the like code. This is one for Jon.

Peter’s suggestion of explicitly stating which method to use is the work round.

PS - I noticed that you have checked the box on the Ratings tab to ‘Auto set competitor ratings’. It is not recommend to do this after the first race of a series. If a change to the rating file is made part way through a series, all race results are recalculated using the new ratings. Depending on NoR this might be acceptable.

Kind regards,

Hi Michael,

I had a looked at this - Basically, you can’t use the selection of “Score Like” for codes that are using averages as it has to pass all the ones that are averages in a different way so it checks for a method of average in the codes when it is performing the score but the method Score Like is not an average method so it doesn’t get handled correctly. If you create a custom code that uses averaging such as DUT then select the actual method to use rather than Score Like. The method that Peter outlined is the correct way to create your DUT code. I’ll see if I can put a message in to prevent you from creating a custom code using “Score Like” and averaging in a future version. But in the meantime follow Peter’s suggestion and all will work exactly as you want it to.

Great, thank you for the answer