This is just a note so say that in Sailwave 2 Edit+Properties has
changed. Currently the properties (generally useful arttributes of a
series) are fixed but in Sailwave 2 they have been generalised into a
list that you define yourself; i.e. you could create a property
called "main.sponsor" with the value "Volvo" etc. You can then refer
to your properties in the publishing templates (which are also
getting a good revamp) like this `prop.main.spopnsor`. This means
that you can create a very flexible set of templates to suit your
club or event needs. Any properties used in a template but left
without a value in the program are gathered up when publishing and
the user is promted for values facilitating things that change on a
per publishing basis or at the last minute etc. The default Sailwave
results template (the only template that will come with Sailwave 2)
will probably assume the existence of a couple of properties. You
existing properties are auto converted into generalised properties
when you open a Sailwave 2 series.

Apologies if you've emailed me privately and I've not responded yet;
my Inbox is filling faster then I can service it at the moment.

Colin J