El Salvador flag

Just a little niggle: El Salvador (SLV) doesn’t appear to be in the flag archive.

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I am sure Jon will fix quite quickly.

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Hi Andy

According to the current World Sailing RRS El Salvador is ESA which is in the flags for Sailwave

Let me know if I’m mistaken



Interesting! It shows as SLV on all the searches I did, but I’m happy to change it to ESA as that’s what World Sailing says.

Thanks guys. Having fun with little boats this weekend.

Hi Andy,

SLV is the ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 for El Salvador whereas IOC/WS use ESA. If I remember correctly there are other examples of differences between ISO & IOC/WS 3-character codes.

I have remembered that somewhere I have a spreadsheet listing the codes used by different organisations.

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Thanks everyone. Great response, as usual! I now understand what was going on. I had a Belize competitor with a similar issue, but thanks to your comments I was able to go to the WS list and find the correct code immediately.

Scoring sheets are looking pretty awesome!

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